Understanding Whiteboard Animation

What is whiteboard animation? We believe most of you are still in the dark when it comes to this sector. To give a simple definition, a whiteboard animation video is an innovative idea that replicates the impression of someone writing text or drawing images on a whiteboard while still explaining the drawings. The idea began with still photography but as technology advanced, better software was developed to make the concept more fluid and efficient. Today, whiteboard animation has become a popular choice for most TV and internet ads and is being used almost everywhere from businesses to schools, social media to presentations.

The best way to illustrate complex concepts to your audience is by opting for a whiteboard explainer video. However, to create a perfect video for business, you need to have a talented and creative team of storyboard artists who are able to create a whiteboard animation that will capture the minds of your target audience.
Although you may have a proficient in-house team, sometimes the results might be poor due to lack of proper skills and advanced tools. Therefore, outsourcing your whiteboard animation project to an authentic whiteboard animation company such as Ideas Animation is the best option as we have the best skills, advanced animation software/tools and, of course, we’ll offer the best rates.

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As a leading whiteboard animation company, we understand the dynamic business sector and the varying needs that revolve around it. Therefore, working with us will guarantee you nothing short of quality services that will meet your requirements as well as fulfill various market demands.

  • We’re highly affordable
  • We’ve capitalized on the best infrastructure
  • We leverage the best whiteboard animation tools and software
  • We have a team of enthusiastic experts who work 24/7 to meet tight deadlines

State of the art Process We Follow

We are one of those animation companies that has got everything in their cards according to a pre-defined process to bring the best results out.


The finest way to present your ideas is to place them on paper and depict them from mind to visualization. We sketch your ideas and illustrate them into images.

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