What is the Best 2D Animation Software?
What is the Best 2D Animation Software?

Best 2D Animation Software

Animation comprises a broad perspective; it has been used in plentiful resources like educational videos, explainer videos, ads, cartoons, even in businesses. You must have known there are a lot of types of animation. If you visit an animator and ask him to make an animated video, he won’t say, ‘okay I’ll do,’ he would first ask you, which type do you want; 2D or 3D. 

Anyhow, if you want to make a 2D animated video, you don’t need to visit any animation company; you can do this on your own using 2D animation software.

I would suggest some best 2D animation software that is reliable as well as tremendously easy to use. These software programs are specifically for you if you are at your initial stage in the world of animation. However, let’s discuss our first software program to make an extraordinary 2D animated video without wasting time.

1.Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is a cross-platform software that you can access effortlessly without paying a single penny. You create your own story in this animation software and then condense it in the back-end later. This software offers numerous features, which are explained below:

⦿ There is a bone system to create cut out animations.

⦿ It offers a built-in soundtrack which you can insert in your video.

⦿ There are several filters and effects offered by the software so that you could create both simple and complex animations. 

⦿ Synfig Studio offers many drawing tools to draw your objects and characters.

⦿ It also enables you to draw on some other platform and import it on Synfig Studio.

⦿ After creating objects, you can easily animate and manipulate them by just pressing ‘record.’

If you are a beginner, you may face one downside; this software does not have so many tutorials online; you have to practice yourself.

This software has introduced two versions; one is the stable version, and the other is the development version. The stable version is the exclusive one; it comes with modified and more developed features. This version is transformed into safer and easier for the unprofessional animators who do not know much about animation.

Nevertheless, if you are a professional animator, you can go for the development version because this version gives you a taste of some innovative features to give your work a professional appearance. 

This software is ideal for you, and now you can easily bring your creative and unique ideas into animation without much concern… just pick Synfig Studio and animate endlessly.

2.Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is the most common animation software which mostly animators use. It is a paid software which is ideal for professional use that gives the animated video a classic and definitive appearance. Since adobe animate is a professional software so, it offers plentiful features just as described underneath:

⦿ It supports both video and audio implanting in the animated videos.

⦿ There are virtual cameras to give your animation a realistic view.

⦿ You can export the format to publish your production to any platform.

⦿ In this software, you get a Typekit tool which offers a number of font styles.

⦿ It has a variety of brushes to create different objects, either small or large.

⦿ There is a modern timeline where you can edit frames, highlight letters, and whatnot.

However, adobe animate is loaded with features; it gives you a professional and perfect outcome, yet, if you are a beginner, it may seem difficult to use this software because of some technicalities. But what you cannot learn as practice makes you perfect. Exercise using this software, and you would also become proficient in using Adobe Animate.

If you are seeking to animate website elements, this is the option. You can effortlessly use Adobe Animate to create animations like SVG, HTML Canvas, WebGL animation, and much more. On the contrary, this software is not only efficient but also being appreciated by most of the animators. The outstanding and eye-catching animated videos you have watched; they all are the outcomes of Adobe Animate.


Concisely, you have known that creating 2D animated videos is a lot easier; however, it is only possible if you pick the right software. You must have been regretting now because you had some brilliant and extraordinary ideas in your mind, but you were unable to carry them into animation.

It’s still not too late. I have discussed two software programs for both beginners and professionals. Yet, the best animation software relies upon what you actually want to use for your use. Of course, when you begin using this software, it is better to watch some tutorials first to Crete more spectacular and captivating 2D animated videos.

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