The Ultimate Guide of Character Concept Art with 16 Jaw-Dropping Examples

The Ultimate Guide of Character Concept Art with 16 Jaw-Dropping Examples

May 26, 2023


October 09, 2023

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When you read a book, you start to create the world and the people in your imagination based on the author’s descriptions and visuals. The words shape how you picture things, and you try your best to use your utmost creativity and imagination. If a writer has done an excellent job, you should be able to visualise the work’s action playing out like a movie in your head.

It is not just important to admire these incredible character designs; it’s also about understanding the process behind their creation. Let’s explore various character design ideas and techniques, uncovering the secrets of how famous concept artists make characters come to life.

In this blog, we will discuss diverse examples to cater to all tastes and preferences; to gain insights, thoughts, inspirations, and decisions that shape these characters from the initial concept to the final masterpiece.

Let your imagination run wild, and learn about the fascinating world of designing characters.

Understanding the Difference Between Character Concept Art & Character Design

What Is Character Concept Art?

Before diving into the captivating world of original character arts, let’s know the definition of concept art itself. Concept art is the first step in creating the visual world of a project. It is like a blueprint or a sketch that helps bring movies, shows, comics, and video games to life. 

You might ask who are famous concept artists, and what do they do? They are creative wizards who develop the initial ideas and designs for characters, landscapes, and everything else you see on screen.

Delightful Fact: Did you know that the term “concept art” originated in the hallowed halls of Walt Disney Animation Studios in the 1930s?

Let’s travel back to the 1930s, a magical era when Walt Disney Animation Studios introduced the concept of “concept art.” During this time, talented artists like Mary Blair joined the studio’s creative team. They created stunning concept paintings that brought beloved masterpieces such as “Cinderella,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Peter Pan” to life. Many skilled artists joined Disney throughout the years, adding their unique touch to imaginary worlds and giving birth to vibrant visual designs that breathed life into unseen characters.

What is Character design?


Character design art is like a magical process that transforms a simple idea into a living, breathing character that steals the spotlight in any creative project. It is a journey fueled by boundless creativity, guided by a vibrant mood board that sets the tone. Unlike the initial concept, designing a character goes beyond sketches. It becomes a wonderfully crafted image, refined and polished to perfection.

Experienced character artists, also known as character designers, bring their skills to the table using powerful digital tools like Adobe Illustrator, ZBrush, and 3Ds Max. These tools blend artistry and technology seamlessly, allowing them to create captivating characters that leap off the page or screen. When it comes to 3D character modeling, it also requires a unique set of skills, techniques, and specialized tools. Explore invaluable insights and expert tips to enhance your proficiency in 3D modeling and animation.

Software and tools, especially for 2D or 3D animation, are crucial in character art and design. For 2D character design, popular software like Adobe Illustrator offers a range of tools for creating digital artwork, allowing artists to sketch, color, and refine their characters easily. On the other hand, 3D animation software involves specialized character design, such as ZBrush and 3Ds Max. These powerful tools enable artists to sculpt, model, and animate characters in a three-dimensional space, bringing them to life with realistic details and movements.

The Process of Making Character Concept Art

Character design art is a thrilling journey where imaginary beings come to life. We know that you have tons of questions, like how to draw characters. How to design a character? And perhaps, how to create your very own character? Well, you can get all the answers below.

To begin, fully indulge yourself in the theme and style of your project. Collaborate with art directors, gather references, and conduct thorough research, helping you create a clear mental image of your character by drawing inspiration from existing characters and ideas.

Use basic shapes to sketch the outline of your character. Make a character templates drawing and gradually add more details, such as body structure, facial features, and poses, and bring your character to life on paper, giving them shape and form.

Focus on the distinctive features that make your character stand out. Consider things like scars, hairstyles, accessories, and clothing that reflect their personality. These details give your characters their individuality and make them memorable.

Now this is the fun part! Choose colors for your character’s skin, clothes, eyes, and hair to add vibrancy and bring them to life. You can use traditional pens or digital tools to add colors and make your characters visually appealing.

Add shadows that give depth and make your characters pop off the page to make your character look more realistic and three-dimensional. Use careful brushstrokes and techniques to create a beautiful composition that brings your character to life.

Examples of Character Concepts Art

When you bring your characters to life in your upcoming projects, the possibilities are as endless as the universe. The purpose, style, and genre combine to shape the beautiful world of character concepts and art. Embark on a journey as we delve into some popular character 3D concept art styles, each more captivating than the previous.

1. Fantasy Character Concept Art

The fantasy character concept art helps your mind wander to charming creativity filled with wonder and magic. Talented artists create artworks using animalistic features, tools, and unique elements found only in fantasy worlds, which bring characters to life.

Fantasy character concept art from “RPG heroes” concept art showcases a fantastical creature, a captivating fusion of animalistic and human features, defying the bounds of the natural world.

2. Star Wars Character Concept Art

The Star Wars character concept art’s magic was created by artist Ralph McQuarrie. George Lucas gave McQuarrie descriptions or perhaps simply broad ideas, and he went on to create the recognizable figures we now recognize, like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and C-3PO.

When crafting character design concept art, it’s important to consider the silhouette you want your character to have. This process, similar to how Ralph McQuarrie approached designing “Darth Vader”, plays a vital role in shaping their overall appearance.

3. Human Character Concept Art

Game designers have the power to create a diverse range of male characters, each with their own unique appeal. From innocent little boys to soldiers, serial killers, and clever old gurus. These artworks capture a quite captivating, sparking curiosity and keeping us engaged.

In “Shadow Warrior 3”-Flying Wild Hog, the human character “Zilla” was brought to life through the expertise of Pawel Swiezak, with the body crafted by Jakub Jeramowski and character art led by Piotr Rusnarczyk. Witness the collaborative mastery that shaped this captivating character in the game.

4. 3D Cartoon Character Concept Art

Children’s cartoons enchant us with their vibrant colours and distinct shapes. Cartoon concept art is filled with joy and vitality, creating a positive and engaging atmosphere that captures the hearts of kids and adults alike. These characters come to life through lively colours and playful shapes, becoming instantly recognizable and beloved.

Tsubasa Nakai showcases their talent in crafting a delightful “3D model of a girl” cartoon character. Dive into the enchanting world brought to life through Nakai’s artistic skills and witness the captivating charm of this animated creation.

5. Animal Character Concept Art

When creating animal-based characters, artists can make them realistic or give them human-like characteristics, be it a majestic lion-like Simba from The Lion King or a charismatic character like BoJack Horseman. Capturing their personality is key. These artworks convey a range of emotions, from anger to joy, surprise, and fear.

Experience the captivating world of Untamed: When Animals Ruled the World with the “Hare Knight” character, beautifully designed by Tim Paauwe. Dive into the imaginative storyline as this unique and courageous character brings an extra layer of excitement to the enchanting narrative.

6. Comic Book Character Concept Art

Comic book character concept art brings our favorite heroes, villains, and supporting characters to life on the pages. It goes beyond iconic superheroes like Spider-Man, Batman, and Aqua-Man. Artists create distinctive styles and craft characters that fit the archetypes prevalent in the comic book world, making them visually striking and memorable.

Experience the visionary talent of Dario Furlan DantertPRO as they bring to life the captivating “Sam” character through concept art. Inspired by Stjepan Šejić’s comic book “Death Vigil Vol. 1,” witness the remarkable artistry that gives form to this compelling character within the pages of the epic story.

7. NFT Character Concept Art

NFT character concept art breaks free from traditional art forms, embracing the transformative power of blockchain technology and combining the creative skills of 3D character designers with the immersive experience of non-fungible tokens. NFT Character Concept Art form allows collectors to truly own and appreciate the intricate details and stories behind these digital personas.

Ideas Animation introduces the adorable “Baby Azuki”, an NFT collection derived from the renowned Azuki NFT. Witness the creative brilliance as Ideas Animation brings this charming character to life through their NFT Character Concept Art. Discover the captivating charm of this unique digital creation.

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8. Anime Character Concept Art

Anime character concept art is a captivating world where imagination meets artistic brilliance. It has given us many vibrant and charismatic heroes, enchanting heroines, intricate designs, expressive emotions, and dynamic storytelling, making anime a beloved art form worldwide.

Experience the epic power of Dragon Ball Z with the “Goku and Gohan” Kamehameha statue, skillfully sculpted by Maycon Andrade Art. Immerse yourself in the world of these beloved characters and witness the dynamic energy of this stunning collectible.

9. Video Game Character Concept Art

Video game character concept art plays an important role in 3D video games and movies. These artworks breathe life into our virtual identities, becoming vessels for epic adventures and unforgettable tales. The artistry behind character design connects us to immersive visual worlds, allowing us to become active participants in breathtaking narratives.

The captivating world of League of Legends with Hicham Habchi’s “Ekko” character concept art, showcasing the imaginative design of this iconic champion. Experience the visionary talent behind this stunning artwork, bringing Ekko’s unique personality to life in the game.

10. Digital Art Characters Concept Art

Digital art characters concept art breaks the boundaries of traditional art, using digital tools to shape captivating characters. From vibrant superheroes to whimsical creatures, this art form offers endless possibilities for imaginative storytelling.

Step into the digital realm with 13 Particles Studio’s “VR Man” character, brought to life through mesmerizing 2D concept art. Dive into the immersive world of virtual reality, where creativity and talent converge to deliver captivating visuals that will leave you in awe.

11. Historical Character Concept Art

Travel back in time with historical character concept art, where talented artists bring iconic figures to life. These artworks breathe new life into historical personalities and events, capturing vivid details and sparking our fascination with the past.

Explore the ancient wonders of Egyptian mythology with Ideas Animation’s stunning concept art depicting the majestic “Egyptian Gods”.

12. Mythological Character Concept Art

Discover the power of ancient myths and legends through mythological concept art character design. Artists skillfully depict mythical beings and gods like Mades, Thor, Pegasus, Genie, and Toothless, capturing the essence of timeless stories that captivate our hearts and minds.

The mesmerizing “Mythological Characters” design series by Agha Reza Abbas takes you on an enchanting journey through captivating concept art and digital illustrations.

13. Horror Character Concept Art

Horror character concept art gives you a spine-chilling encounter. From menacing monsters to twisted villains, these haunting creations tap into our deepest fears, evoking a thrilling mix of terror and fascination long after seeing the artwork.

Experience the spine-chilling world of IT horror movies with the iconic character “Pennywise”, created by renowned author Stephen King. Marvel at the incredible enthusiasm of Rafael Fernandez as he brings this terrifying figure to life through his art.

14. Sci-fi Character Concept Art

With sci-fi character concept art, you can experience futuristic wonders and advanced technology through captivating characters. Sci-fi concept art pushes the boundaries of our imagination, showcasing imaginative beings and environments that spark awe and wonder.

Discover a collection of 202 futuristic “sci-fi characters” design images featuring captivating women. Created by the talented artist Ansar Soud khah, these imaginative designs will transport you to a world of futuristic wonder and awe-inspiring visuals.

15. Alien Character Concept Art

The enigmatic beauty of alien worlds can be seen through captivating character concept art. From awe-inspiring extraterrestrial landscapes to strange and fascinating beings, these artworks ignite our curiosity about the infinite possibilities of the universe.

Jonathan Opgenhaffen designed a fascinating concept for the character High T in MIB: International. Exploring the idea of fungal spores merging with “High T’s alien” form, the result is a truly captivating and unique design that showcases an otherworldly essence.

16. Robot Character Concept Art

Witness the potential of human imagination and mechanical marvels through robot character concept art. Artists bring sentient machines, androids, and cyborgs to life, exploring themes of artificial intelligence and the future of robotics.


Let your ideas flow, experiment with diverse styles, and discover the magic of bringing unique personas to life. Unlock the boundaries of imagination! Embrace the joy of creativity and embark on a personal journey of original character design.

Dive into the world of character concept art and appreciate the artistry that fuels this captivating expression.


Character Concept Art leaves a lasting impression on us whether we have watched a movie or read a book. Some way or the other, you get a sense of attachment and relatability. You start to see and feel that character. That’s the magic of character concept art.

With just an idea and a few strokes of designs and shapes, and various layouts, artists breathe life into a visual figure. Whereby you find yourself hating the character, such as Jaffar in Aladdin, or falling in love with it, like young Elsa and Anna in Frozen. 

Isn’t it amazing how artists know what to create and give them a sense of touch that admires our hearts every time we see them? At times, you might feel nostalgia if you see any cartoon character you used to see in your childhood or got acquainted with when you were young.

Well, character concept art is not a piece of cake. It requires ultimate devotion and creativity. Are you facing trouble in creating your very own superhero? Or do you want to create a character that you know can win the hearts of the public? We have just the solution for you! Ideas Animation, pioneers of the 2D and 3D entertainment industry.


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