What is Kinetic Typography?

Kinetic Typography is the work of art that combines the traditional written word with videography to create the engaging and eye-catching “moving text” that conveys ideas and evokes emotions in the minds of potential viewers. From landing pages to television commercials and advertisements, kinetic typography has become a popular mode of advertisement used by hundreds if not thousands of businesses as a key marketing strategy.
Having known this far too well, Ideas Animation has employed a team of professional script writers and animators who work together to create eye-catching kinetic typography animation spiced up with engaging after effects, precise timings, inspiring background colors, music, and visual emphasis all in a bid to convey tones of emotions to your target audience.

Too many words in your text can be overwhelming to your viewers. Thankfully, here at Ideas Animation, we offer millions of fonts and let you choose the best that will match with your business to get the attention of your readers. Here at Ideas Animation, we only need to understand your business intention. After that; our team of animators uses their mesmerizing work of art to design kinetic typography videos that will help increase the concentration level, interest level, and customer’s willingness to continue reading.
Our art of employing engaging fonts, eye-catching text effects, background-color patterns, and animate characters has been outstanding, especially at this age where kinetic typography is the main medium of advertisement.

You probably have seen kinetic typography being implemented in music videos, TV advertisements, and educational presentations among other sectors right? With our team of expert animators, we’re able to create appealing animated words that jump onto your screen to grab the attention of your audience. Some of the benefits of kinetic typography include; attention-grabbing, improve the overall web experience, they’re engaging and they help improve SEO.

State of the art Process We Follow

We are one of those animation companies that has got everything in their cards according to a pre-defined process to bring the best results out.


The finest way to present your ideas is to place them on paper and depict them from mind to visualization. We sketch your ideas and illustrate them into images.

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