7 Types of Explainer Videos that Work Great for Small Businesses
7 Types of Explainer Videos that Work Great for Small Businesses

7 Types of Explainer Videos

Did you know, the explainer video ranks on the third number amongst all kinds of animation, and in 2015 it was demanded by 54% of the population? This survey has proved that many people love explainer videos for numerous purposes. Nevertheless, an explainer video works great for promoting and marketing business, and it can be done in a comfort zone. Well, explainer videos are ideal for your corporation because these are customized and inventive to your objectives. Thousands of brands have distinctive goals that they want to accomplish, such as more sales, launching a new product, introducing innovative service, brand recognition, and much more. However, to fulfill these requirements, these businesses adopt different styles, and explainer video is one of them. Besides, it further categorized into several types for promoting diverse corporations. Maybe, this is the reason; explainer videos have this amount of demand. Well, I would discuss each type and the guidance that why they work great for specifically small businesses.

1. 2D Infographics Animation

The 2D infographics animation is a type of simple 2D animation, but it does not involve 2D characters, yet there are many outstanding visual effects using images and texts. This type of explainer video is useful predominantly when you want to promote a complicated service or product but want to explain the features more simply. In other words, you acquire infographics animation to transform a dull presentation into an enthusiastic one. When you acquire this explainer video type, the audience would be automatically engaged and enjoy learning about your brand.

2. Live-Action Explainer Videos

This video is a non-animated type of explainer video in which the illustrators combine live-action videos. This type of video can be made effortlessly, and there is no need for sophisticated animation skills. In a live-action explainer video, you need to record the real-life actions of people who are performing some tasks related to the theme you want to capture. Then on these videos, you would pop in the voiceover recordings to explain the video on a certain topic. However, the live-action explainer videos help you build a decent relationship with the audience. The incorporation of real visual effects on people makes it more exhilarating and easier to understand the video’s central message. However, you should only focus on making a premium quality video with good effects and a clear message.

3. Typography Explainer Videos

On the other hand, typography explainer videos also work best in promoting different sorts of products and services. This type of video does not need any videography or animation, yet you only need to play with the words in an entertaining means. Besides, to make the video more attractive, you can add some objects or clipart for making it more enlivening. Using the right font size and style, you can produce a striking typographic video and explain your product or service to the target audience.

4. Stop Motion Videos

This type of explainer video uses a photographing technique in which an object is moved in a small amount and creates the delusion is if it is moving. However, it uses all the effects of illusion. The stop motion video is made by joining multiple photos together with slight modifications in each frame. However, when these images are stitched together, it gives the effect of moving object. The stop motion explainer video is a time-taking process that needs a lot of enthusiasm towards it. Besides, this type of video offers less adaptability to modify the video once it is completed. However, with the help of proficient artists and animators, you can make riveting stop motion videos and explain your brand through voiceover recordings.

5. Whiteboard Explainer Videos

If you know even a little about animated videos, you must be familiar with the whiteboard videos. This sort of video is made with black lines on the white background and is popular amongst small businesses. However, white video differs from other types by the hand-drawn illustrations. This type is one of the low-cost videos that do not need any specific graphics tools, and it provides you the perfect platform to draw your product and explain the services. The whiteboard explainer videos are ideal in delivering intricate ideas into an electrifying and simpler way. The drawing and erasing process keeps the audience engaged and captures all their attention towards the video.

6. Screencast Explainer Videos

If you want to explain about some software or technical service your brand provides, Screencast is perfect for you. This type of video demonstrates the recording of the screen; for instance, the video of action being performed on the screen would be recorded, and you would explain the service through voice recordings. Moreover, if you want to do not want to reveal yourself in the video, you can simply adopt this type of video. The Screencast explainer video is a fantastic choice for delivering the message in an entertaining fashion. This choice could be proficient if you choose the right format, appropriate fonts, and entertaining script to share your message. Plus, this type of explainer video is rather inexpensive perfect for your business if you want to make tutorials.

7. 3D Animation Style

Are you deciding to launch a next-level business with smart services or products? Go for 3D animation. If you are willing to expand your budget in investing in promoting your business, you should try 3D animation for professional and explainer video. The 3D animation stands out in delivering a high-quality artistic finishing to the video. You are free to use lighting and textures in the 3D animation to give the objects more realistic and captivating. However, you should bear in mind that this type of animation style requires more time and higher expenditure, but you ultimately get the perfect realistic explainer video for your brand.

Final Verdict

The types of explainer videos that I have discussed are some of the best types you can adopt to promote and advertise your small business. Although there are other types of videos, these are perfect for small organizations since they are budget-friendly and work appropriately. So, before going into selecting any of these types, you just need to pick a company that provides you with these services. Nevertheless, if you are unfamiliar with any animation company, I would recommend you to opt for Ideas Animation.

Ideas Animation is a US-based animation provide that helps you promote your brand using different types of videos. This animation studio is super fast in delivering your product, prompting customers’ responses, and highly budget-efficient. So, go and make an explainer video for your corporation and leave an impact on the audiences

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