Top 10 Animated Video Production Companies
Top 10 Animated Video Production Companies

Animated videos are a noteworthy source to depict complicated ideas and notions in a better and easier way. That’s why selecting the higher level of animation company is essential, in particular, when there are millions of production companies around you. Finding a decent animated video company can be challenging since every company claims to be the best and paramount company. No doubt they are, but you also require watching your constraints and pick the one that facilitates exactly with your requirements within your budget. However, the art of animation has been appealing to us with unique and attractive characters and animation. So, it is crucial to pick such stirring animators who put all their effort into making captivating stories with enthralling creatures. I have enlisted the top ten animation production companies which you can hire for any purpose.

1. Pigmental Studio

Pigmental Studio is a developed animation company that provides its services in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, and other corners of the world. This company is specialized in making the best animation along with an experienced and disciplined team that works for your business with affection and adoration. Above and beyond, the studio encourages an imaginative and interactive environment for its artists and illustrators to learn the intelligibility, responsibility, and veracity of their co-workers, staff, and customers. Pigmental Studio has been linked with multiple platforms like gaming, TV series, featured films, and other animation works.

2. Animation Monster

Animation Monster is one of the best animation companies, deliberately introduced in more than 100 countries. This studio struggles in delivering the best animation solutions with whole devotion and delicacy. However, this company has the experience of more than 5000 projects and serves probably 1200 clients simultaneously. Each project done by the Animation Monster is unique and distinctive from others. The animation monster is enthusiastic, making your business perceptible in this competitive world.

3. Ideas Animation

Ideas Animation is a US-based animation studio that offers numerous services with affordable prices and unlimited revisions. It consistently brings a new concept in the animation industry by providing innovative animation styles like motion graphics, kinetic typography, voiceover, 2D/3D animation, scriptwriting, and other styles. Ideas Animation believes in collaborative work and takes your project as its main concern. The company believes their success in your satisfaction, so it tries to ultimately provide you with elite products.

4. Ordinary Folk

Ordinary Folk is a Canadian animation and design studio that works mutually with incredible artists and makes stunning art pieces that convey some meaning and emotions. The company believes in the best work be happened in a small budget as well as time. This studio is well-known to craft fascinating motion graphics that appeal and engage the audiences. It always has charming ideas and visions which surprise you by presenting the incompatible animated videos.

5. Route 66 Design

Route 66 is a multi-use company that provides numerous services like video animation, content writing, website development, and logo designing. It helps you make your brand attractive to people all around the globe. The energetic team and enthusiastic team leads are always prepared to provide you with elite animation videos. However, Route 66 has been associated with several top-notch brands like Entrepreneur, Mashable, IBM, Nintendo, and hundreds of other organizations. Furthermore, this studio is popular for good client care and delivery on time at a reasonable cost.

6. The Spa Studio

The Spa Studio is a superior award-winning animation company that is famous for animated films. Besides the animation, this studio offers plenty of services, including character designing, visual development, storyboard, and content development. The spa studio has been working with Netflix, Walt Disney, Filmax, Dream Works, and other top film production companies. By making popular animated films and cartoons, this studio ranks amongst the world’s best animation companies.

7. The Animation Studio

The Animation Studio one of the leading animation companies which facilitate its clients with extremely reasonable prices. It has done 150+ award-winning projects and comprises 1000+ happy clients who are fully satisfied with its works. The Animation Studio discovers a variety of ideas and brings those concepts into persuasive and enthralling animated videos. However, the decent team works on a single angle of the video to enhance every minor detail. Besides, its services comprise 2D/3D animation, motion graphics, explainer videos, typography, whiteboard animation, and logo animation. This company strictly follows the customer’s demands and requirements to complete your inimitable productivity.

8. Guru Studio

Guru Studio is an ingenious manipulative compelling company that has produced many award-winning shows like True and the Rainbow Kingdom. Guru Studio builds a unique and resourceful association with its clients and helps you support finance, licensing, and managing your brand through inventive animated videos across all platforms. This studio has been linked with some superlative brands, and its aim is to provide you with enchanted outcomes to make you stand out.

9. Animation Sharks

Animation Sharks is a well familiar animation company that helps empower your brand by proposing elite-class animated videos. If you want to boost up your brand’s conspicuousness and engage an immense number of audiences, then Animation Sharks studio is there to help you out. It has served more than 1000 clients from 100+ countries. The experience of delivering more than 5000 projects which are dissimilar from each other makes it a leading company. However, this studio gathers multiple talented brains in one box and makes your project with whole concentration and precision.

10. D’art Studio

D’art Studio is a Japanese 2D animation company that makes cool and trendy animation videos. This company was originated in 2016 by two brothers and led the company towards success in quite a few years. The studio has a great team that works together and brings your visions to reality. The motive behind its success it the strong foundation, which can be seen between the company and its customers. D’art Studio is struggling to transform the Japanese animation industry and recognize it globally.


These were some premium animation companies, and each of them is best in providing their expertise. However, if I talk about my experience, I have been associated with Ideas Animation for quite a few years, and I got really instigated by their services and proficiency. Along with their best works, this studio is somewhat reasonable in price and offers unlimited revisions. Anyhow, this was my experience; if you have experienced any of the above, it means you are already getting unique production. However, visit now and stand out yourself by obtaining the best animated videos.

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