The trend of video production has become common all across the globe. Not only this, but video production has also introduced so many trends and no doubt that these trends change with time. The trends of video production change with the enhancement of technologies and professional resources. People nowadays want innovative styles in everything, so in the videos. So, you need to stay in touch with the pioneering trends and techniques for better video production. So, I would let you know about the latest corporate video production trends that a business uses to promote its brand and advertise its services.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Did you know, according to the analysis of 2016, 80 percent of people watch live video streaming on their mobile phones and other devices, and it was predicted that this percentage would be increasing to 82 percent in 2020? The live streaming trend has become very common in almost every social media platform where you can make live videos and upload them. Common social media pages like IGTV on Instagram and Facebook are being used by bloggers, influencers, and several business people to promote their business from home. Other than this, there are various workshops occurring through live video streaming in which a question and answer session and webinars happen with the leaders or influential people. Moreover, once this live video session is ended, it can be saved and uploaded on diverse pages.

Video Marketing

Online marketing has gone the most trending, specifically in 2020. The lockdown has kept everybody at home, and people started online marketing to their brands and businesses. However, this trend was being introduced in the past several years, but it had become more popular in the current year. You would have seen many brands advertising themselves through video and spending money on online streaming. These brands hire people on a commission basis and make them recognize the product all over through social media. It helps these brands promote their products through people, and in return, they pay an amount to them.

VR Assimilation

VR means Virtual Reality, and it has also become very famous in recent years. Several technologies have introduced VR headsets to show some real-world situations through a headset. People wear this headset, which allows them to experience real-world incidents with vivid, harsh, dangerous, and insistent environments. It has been scrutinized that in the past few months, the VR headsets were in great demand. These virtual works as a movie; only the difference is it is seen in a natural and genuine way as if everything is happening live. Besides, if you have a business that comprises varied sites and spots, you may use VR assimilation to advertise your business.



Cinemagraph is another trend in video production that involves the next level of creativity. It is a combination of photography with film, which describes a visual story in an elite model. The cinemagraph is significant in advertising the brand. However, it does not comprise such videos and images which are just simply taken from the movies or other existing photos. Yet, the cinemagraph mesmerizes the viewer’s attention more artistically. The pictures are specifically taken to insert in cinemagraph, and they are still but a little movement. The cinemagraph is more like a GIF, but it needs more concentration and inspiration. You can use cinematography in a unique way and place your brand inside the video.

Other trends

Besides, many other trends have been introduced in video production, which has made it easier for you to advertise your brand through videos using inventive techniques and approaches. If you observe in your surroundings, you will find a videographer and editor in your hand, your Smartphone. You have access to make Ultra HD 4K videos, which deliver sharp features and depict each detail inside it. Moreover, there are Drones via which you can take Aerialshots from the height. These drones are far cheaper and safer than the helicopters, which comprise a remote control. You can shoot the whole territory from elevation to advertise your land. The trend of drones has been popular so much that in 2016, probably 300,000 drones were registered by the FAA, which costs $3.3 Billion estimated. So, you can see that it has become very easy to shoot a video from any angle using drones and capture ultra HD videos.

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