How to Make 2D Animation with Easy Steps and Tips
How to Make 2D Animation with Easy Steps and Tips

The inclination of animation has become common all over the globe. You can see numerous 2D animated videos, whether it is a movie, logo, or illustration, the animation has taken all the space and become popular in generations. Also, 2D animation is being found in greater demand by people to promote their business, run a game, and release a movie; we can see a bit of animation contribution everywhere. However, animation is not an easy task, and it needs a massive amount of creativity, vast practical experience, and much theoretical knowledge.

Hence, if you are a beginner and want to make a 2D animation, you can easily do that. But the question that would come into your mind is “how,” so there are some tips and tricks which you require to understand first. So without wasting time, let start with the first step.

1. Script Making

script making

First of all, before getting started, you need to know what story you are going to make. For this, you need to make a script in which you will write each step of the animation story. This step would make it easier for you to go smoothly and make scenes one by one according to the script. You can make a script by modifying your conceptual ideas into written or drawing form. The script is basically the framework for your animated video, which helps you in making further stories in animation. You need to keep in mind the certain time of the video, and according to that time, you must take care of the length of the story. Remember that if you have a story that contains probably 200-250 words, it will make an 80-90 second video. So, try to shorten the nitty-gritty of the story.

2. Voiceover


Although every story is incomplete without dialogues and they are the essential part of a video. You can speak the dialogue by yourself if you have a good command of the language you want to use. Or you may prefer someone who can do a voiceover on your video. You need to look after the tone and speed of the words according to the story, where you need to stress over the words, when you need to low and high the pitch, and how quickly you need to speak. Remember that dialogue is the step that describes the whole video, so it must be qualitative.

3. Storyboard


After you are done with the scriptwriting and voice recording, you can start making an animation. A storyboard is a step where you will convert your script into a drawing. If you are good enough to create hand sketches, you can absolutely do that. You can describe your story via visual illustrations and graphics. If you feel that you are not sufficiently good at making drawings, you can use some drawing software to make a story using graphic illustrations. The storyboard conveys the scenes and transitions of the animation.

4. Visualization


Now it’s time to visualize your drawings by customizing them and filling vibrant colors in them. People usually use software and animation applications to make a 2D animation video; you can also pick one and insert your drawings. When you have filled the colors and reached your drawing to the final stage, you can also customize your drawings by adding a background or enhancing the character. Bear in mind, if your character looks more real, your video would appear more conspicuous. So, choose the colors and backgrounds wisely to make it more remarkable.

5. Animation

making animation

Here comes the most anticipated and crucial step in making a 2D animated video. Of course, an animated video is incomplete without delusion. Though each step needs patience, you need to hold tolerance for an elongated period after reaching this stage because animation is a time taking process. This step needs to merge all the steps; you need to put the voiceover recordings in the background and move the illustrations according to the scenes. Hence, you need to care about every small detail at this stage while combining the recordings and graphics on the storyboard. For better animation, you can make small parts of the video and check them as well. Once you are done with the completed video, you can also put some music in the video for more desirability.

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