Difference between 2d & 3d animation

2D vs 3D Animation

If you imagine some picture in your mind, how would it look like? Would it be a front angled drawing or a motion picture? Yes, I am talking about the difference between 2D and 3D in ideas animation. Everyone has their own perception and imagination differently.

Beginner’s Guide about Animation Style

When you hear the word Animation, you automatically imagine cartoon characters in your mind. However, animation has gone far away from movies and cartoons, since it has also entered businesses, commercials, and games. Since you have known several uses of using animated videos in the corporation, you can also use different animation styles in it.

9 Animation Styles Guide
15 facts about animations

15 Facts about Animation

The animation industry has spanned many years up to today’s complex productions that use CGI, but have you ever known the efforts that go into the production of your favorite animation? Here are 15 amazing facts about animation

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