Top 14 Best Marketing Animation Videos used by Renowned Brands

Top 14 Best Marketing Animation Videos used by Renowned Brands

November 21, 2022

Marketing Animation
Marketing Animation

October 09, 2023

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Businesses all across the globe have shifted to video marketing. And to make it more fun and engaging, the A-listers have already started investing in animated video marketing. Why? Because 59% of marketers now use animated explainer videos to sell their products and services.

A whopping 80% of total consumer traffic is video today as per the results of video marketing statistics. 

Just think of some examples, like the iconic Lifebuoy’s Bish Bash Bosh campaign featuring straightforward but dynamic visuals. Similarly, the classic Cartoon Network commercials feature various animated characters from their different series that we all love. These ads are everywhere. On YouTube, digital billboards, or TV commercials.

But have you noticed what makes these animated product marketing videos so special?

Here, we’ll dive into the top 14 marketing animation videos used by brands that have a huge influence on our daily lives.

List of Top 14 Marketing Animation Videos

1. Coca-Cola

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola has one of the most consistent marketing strategies spread across decades. It has become to be associated with love, community, and care. Have a look at their 2019 Super Bowl Commercial here. 

The ad is inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous saying “A Coke is a Coke and no amount of money can get you a better Coke than the one the bum on the corner is drinking.”

The marketers took the message of inclusivity to a next level by introducing themes of diversity in the commercial. The ad brings people from different ethnicities, sexualities, and classes, on a single platform. It was quite intelligent because the audience of this ad, the Super Bowl attendees, were also a part of a hugely diverse pool. The way it connects with the company is the way the mood board is designed which heavily relies on Coca-cola’s brand colors: red and black.

This ad "A Coke is a Coke" reached more than 20 thousand peoples only on YouTube. 

Further, animation provides a higher level of freedom to incorporate multiple themes. For example, the transitions that the video incorporates, like the turning of a gorilla into a girl would require high-level computer-generated graphics if done in a live-action video.

No doubt Coca-Cola decided to go forward with this mode of video making for their most important campaign.

2. Slack

While it’s easier to market a soft drink since it’s so common in our culture, it seems like selling a tech product with an animated video might be a big task. But nope. It’s all fun.

Have a look at Slack’s concise and well-animated marketing video ad which brought around a 1 million views just on YouTube. 

Here, the ad is divided into two parts. The first part of the ad is focused on the issue and how traditional methods to solve the problem are time-consuming and harder to manage.

In the second part of the ad, we see how exactly Slack is able to solve those issues using their technology and connecting the users with relevant features and people. 

Although it doesn’t feel this way at the start, the most important feature of this animation would be the story format where the speaker is telling you a story addressing the viewer. 

Lastly, the animation style this video uses is called motion graphics which uses shapes and their reshaping to craft animation product videos.

Usually, it’s more affordable and budget-friendly than other forms of animation styles

3. Honda

Next up we have another fabulous animation style which is stop motion animation. Marketing products via animation videos don’t need to be always about exactly selling the product. One can think of a million creative animation video ideas like this one by Honda.

In this ad, Honda is celebrating its evolution over the decades. First, have a look at this way of animated product marketing. 

Cool, right?

Now, let’s first talk about the concept. Why did they use paper in stop animation? Well, since in Honda, all new designs, new product ideas, and fresh takes on product changes, start from a paper sketch, they went on to adopt the same tool for their product marketing video.

This builds a personal connection with the audience and educates them about the company, making a bigger impact. 

This animation style requires a highly skilled team and it’s mostly time-consuming since each frame needs to be designed one after the other and captured on a camera. But it’s worth the time and effort as you can see it brought more than 6 million views for Honda just on YouTube. 

The goal should be to tell a story about your product in a unique and special way like the next Nike ad. 

4. Nike

Can you imagine that the text starts talking to you in the video? Not just through the voiceover, but via its movement and shapes.

Well, Nike just did that using kinetic text in one of their animated marketing campaigns. This ad reached more than 83 thousand peoples only on YouTube. 

First, notice the minimalism of this ad. Simple, black and white, and classy. Exactly, the way Nike is. Also, note that this animated product marketing video does also not ask the buyer to immediately shop for their shoes.

Rather, it’s trying to connect Nike’s shoes with basketball players. Hence connecting the thought that if you want to play basketball, you should have Nike shoes.

This marketing animation would be considered mature and subtle. 

The animation style, Kinetic Text, is also one of the most affordable and easy-to-make animation styles. You’ll see a mix of this technique in other campaigns as well where animated marketing videos for businesses use Kinetic Text merged with other forms.

5. Microsoft

When it comes to marketing animation and selling products using animated videos, the tech giant Microsoft is not lagging in the race.

In 2019, Microsoft redesigned its mobile experience design, and to launch it, they chose to go with a 3D animated product video. 

The beauty of this ad is that it has no voice-overs, no text, and no characters, and still communicates exactly what it wants to communicate.

The metamorphosis of designs that it shows communicates what’s happening with the design of the Microsoft mobile experience.

Microsoft redesigned its mobile experience through 3D animated product video design. This video generated more than 650 thousand views in a very short period. The 3D animation style it uses is often time-consuming and takes a lot of resources. Slow movements of frames communicate the dynamic and flexible range of the new user interface. 

In the end, instead of having a “Buy New Microsoft Phone Now”, it simply says Microsoft which creates a feeling that it’s not necessarily Microsoft who wants to sell the phone, but rather the user who wants to buy it.

6. Amazon

Take another step forward in the world of 3D animation videos by checking out this Amazon One ad here. 

How do you feel about it? Inspiring, right? The 3D animation style makes it easier to communicate the real use of the product since you can see in real-time how using the product will make customer’s life easier.

Notice how the character has various shades on their skin. This is because of precise mathematical lighting effects which mimic real life. 

Unlike other ads, here you see a clear call to action where the ad invites audience members to sign up for the product.

This 3D Animation Style ad reached more than 350 thousand and still counting.

7. Starbucks

If you want to tell a story about coffee, what would you do? Include images from different places. Or maybe have a coffee expert tell the story.

Starbucks has a better strategy. Just animate the journey with a touch of personal taste. 

This ad is actually a marketing answer to the questions posed by Starbucks’ audience base regarding the mixing of flavors.

The response is a killer, Ad that connects with the audience on a personal level. This ad reached more than 47 thousand peoples only on YouTube. 

The 2D animation style gives the ability to explore different colors, locations, and props without any additional cost or effort.

Another important role is played by the music here. The calm and soothing music makes the whole story personal and associates the brand with a homely feeling that they want to communicate as well. 

8. Hubspot

Soft drinks, cars, and coffee are fine. But have you tried explaining complex technical concepts in animated videos? Well, Hubspot is here to set the standard.

In their marketing animation about topic clusters related to the concepts of Search Engine Optimization, Hubspot used an animated explainer video to help the audience understand the problem they are trying to solve and how customers can get that service as well.

The animation style they use is a blend of motion graphics, 2D animation, and Kinetic Text. The reason it is so impactful is its approach that’s two-fold. First, introduce the problem. Second, present the solution. No tangents whatsoever.

No surprise, Hubspot Animated Explainer Video has more than 400 thousand views on YouTube alone. 

This animation style is common for tech products and quite easy to make. All you need is a team who can listen to your needs and create a two-fold strategy.

9. Samsung

So far we looked into small commercials which were around 1 minute long. However, it’s not at all a limitation.

Samsung went on to make an animation product video that is more than 2 minutes long. The skill is to keep it engaging and interesting. This ad reached more than 11 thousand peoples only on YouTube. 

The way Samsung handles the problem is by introducing characters, building a story, and gripping the audience using 2D animation.

However, this 2D animation is vector based which uses shapes instead of an animator designing each frame. Which means it takes lesser time and resources. 

The reason Samsung chose a detailed video is that this ad is on a slight tangent from their mainstream marketing which is selling smartphones to consumers.

Here they want to sell phones to businesses and corporate individuals. 

10. Ahrefs

Ahrefs’ product is also about SEO and how to improve the page rankings of your website.

In their marketing animation, they use motion graphic animation style along with the same ad composition: introduce the problem, and present the solution. 

What makes this ad special is that the graphics not just introduce the product, but pretty much explain how it works and how the user will navigate. 

Imagine you are someone who is just struggling with bad SEO but doesn’t have an idea how to solve the issue.

This animated video helps you visualize the problem and provides a solution. This motion graphic animation style Ad generated more than 72 thousand views in a very short period

11. Intercom

While Slack and other similar apps streamline communication within a company, Intercom focuses on communication between businesses and customers. A tricky road, since you don’t want customers to be too involved in the company’s conversations, but managing everything outside the main channel would be too messy.

But explaining this to a viewer can be difficult. Will you show them a slide or make a person speak to the camera? It’s messy as well. 

That’s when Inercom turned to animated product videos. The same pattern again: introduce the problem and present the solution. They used a 2D animation style.

The good thing about this ad is that it uses real-life as well as fictional characters. The whole video circles around building a strong bond with the customer.

Interestingly this ad is also longer than 2 minutes but due to the storytelling techniques, it doesn’t feel dragged and provides a wholesome experience. 

Intercom Animated Product Video ad reached more than 450 thousand peoples only on YouTube. 

12. Spotify

Music streaming giant Spotify decided to launch their product using animated video. A blend of Kinetic Text and 2D animation along with jazzy music.

There isn’t much about explaining complex concepts as it is about the vibe and feel of the video and the app. You see characters popping up, text moving, and the world grooving to the beat.

This video generated more than 114 thousand views in a very short period

The snappy animation also adds to the feeling that it’s a launch and something is about to change in our lives. In the end, the call to action makes a full circle.

13. Gucci

While these animation video ads are certainly cool, you are not ready for what Gucci is on. It’s not really an ad but a new mode to market products using animation.

It uses Augmented Reality by taking 360-degree footage of the product and then using Artificial Intelligence technology to make it happen that when a user points their camera to their shoes, the app shows the shoes as if they are worn by the person. 

This gives the ability to try the product without even physically touching the product. All this is possible because of marketing animation.

Gucci used Artificial Intelligence Technology to make this marketing video ad and this ad generated more than thousand of views in a very short period.

14. Ikea

If AR didn’t impress you, you’re certainly going to love Ikea’s interactive videos where the viewer can simply tap on the object in the video and the video will redirect the viewer to the product page. 

These techniques are not unique animation styles but something that can be incorporated into your product videos so you can bring in more sales and satisfy more customers.

Final thoughts

14 most intriguing and well-done marketing animation product videos at your service, now what is on your mind? Are you also a marketer who is trying to create the next “A Coke is A Coke” campaign but hasn’t found the relevant team or service provider?

Creating an interesting and industry-level animated promotional video is not easy and you should always prefer someone who’d listen to your needs and understands the audience and the intent before delivering the content.

Consult experts in the field here who can guide you about which style and video type you should go forward with for your next viral ad. To learn more about animation, check out the blog here.

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