What are the best Animation Service providers in the US?

What are the best Animation Service providers in the US?

July 8, 2021

Animation Services
Animation Services

October 09, 2023

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Are you seeking a reasonable company that provides you best animation services? There are thousands of companies which offer these services, but which one should be chosen? Well, I have spent many hours and finally completed research on top animation service providers in the US. I have picked several best companies that will suit your requirements.

These animation companies have been researched based on their aptitude and understanding in cinematography, photography, ideas animation, and other services that they provide their customers.

1. Hornet


Hornet is a multidisciplinary production company in New York and Brooklyn city. This company was founded and emerged by a passionate team that included several producers and artists along with their unique ideas, visions, and revelations. This company runs through elaborated storytelling, artistic hallucination, gripping cinematography, and great customer service. The company has been producing appreciated efforts for the last 20 years. The distinguishing feature for this company is it takes savvy expansion enhancement to construct exclusive ideas into motivated, attractive, and surprising work. The rationale behind the company’s success is an infinite struggle, enthusiasm, affection towards its team, excellent customer service.

2. UVphactory


UVphactory is an award-winning Animation Company located in New York City. This company is well known as visual effects, motion design, and production studio, which work for television, creative film work, and video equipment. It originated in 2000 and gathered a team of creative minds from all over the world. It ensures that every design solution is introduced with pioneering ideas that always remain pristine. The basic objective of UVphactory is to create spectacular and influential visual experiences every time. Besides, its unique perceiving benefit is decent client care, which tries to make you satisfied and provides you with the best.

3. Ideas Animation

Ideas Animation is a New York-based animation studio that has carried a new notion in the animation industry by providing viewpoints in the major sections. It offers numerous services such as motion graphics, scriptwriting, 2D and 3D logo illustrations, and voiceovers in certain commercials. The key goal of this company is to offer you an affordable price along with high-quality products and unlimited revisions. The company is paramount and renowned in resolving your issues promptly and comprises a broad variety of skills.

4. Z Animation

Z Animation is a dedicated 2D animation company which was originated by EP Peter Barg in 2003. This company comprises more than 25 highly esteemed illustrators, graphic artists, and directors gathered from all over the world. The Z Animation has been the most successful and well-known company from the last 1 ½ decades, which helps it take achievement to its customers. Its directors use animation in filmmaking and storytelling. The motive behind its success is, it views every client with one vision and treats every project with the same affection to make it as best as it can be. The key purpose of Z Animation is to help you stand to one side and help you grow your business.

5. Click Play Films


Click Play Films is a 3D animation company situated in New York City which focuses on delivering premium quality animation while sustaining an affordable price. This company acknowledges the customer’s aims and adaptive targets and tries to maximize the worth of the ultimate product. It not only delivers beautiful animated videos but also inserts some technical features, which boosts the market proficiency and makes it different from other companies. The chief ambition of Click Play Films is to construct a never-ending impression amongst their customers. Its highly appreciated team has worked on National Ad Campaigns and Feature Films while regulating the challenging production astuteness. You may visit the company which is accessible in Italy, London, China, Dubai, Canada, and France.

6. Timbuktoons

Timbuktoons is a recognized 2D animation studio in Evans since 2003. It has provided its services to famous ministers, education companies, churches, trust-based entertainment, and other enterprises. The cause of achievement is enduring experience, customer-centered conveyance, and successful team collaboration. Timbuktoons transform your ideas into existence and display them in the form of animation. It views every project with equal importance and brings power in it to make it outstanding and exceptional from other companies.

7. Mode Project

Mode Project is a motion design studio founded in 2002 in Chicago, which provides you with 2D/3D animation, storytelling, live-action filmmaking, editorial, and other services to several clients and organizations all over the US. Its basic concentration is on the problem resolution and obtaining a profound consideration of clients’ communication targets. Furthermore, Mode Project differs from other companies because of its objective, which is to make the clients feel something via its artistic visuals, documentaries, and touching storytelling. Mode Project is an agile and multipurpose video production studio that uses designs and 3D animation to connect the spectators across all channels and make them reach in the real-world of animation.

8. Two Animators

Two Animators is a specialized and qualified multimedia and animation corporation that was co-founded by two animator brothers Joe Costantini and Tom Costantini, in 2001. This company is proficient in making Flash and Traditional animation for internet and television streaming. For probably two decades, the company has been providing its customers with charming premium animation globally. The 2D animation is hand-drawn animation by using both conventional approaches, and puppets make it unique. Two Animators tries its best to fulfill your requirements, whether it is vibrant cartoons for kids, training videos, or trending comedies.

9. La Di Da Films

La Di Da Films is a multiservice production corporation owned by Leah McKissock and Adam Blake Carver. This company is idiosyncratically and competently creative in cinema and marketing content. The collaboration between the company and the brands to bring campaigns for broadcast television across all social media platforms makes it victorious. The company provides several brands with live-action and documentaries, which include narratives, stop motion animation, photography, and other renowned services.

Since these were some of the best US-based animation companies which provide their best services, though each of them is super proficient in their work, I would like to prefer Ideas Animation. I once used their service and got a quick response with polite customer service. The thing which I liked about them is their swiftness in delivering the service. Their every idea is unique and inimitable, which makes your project distinctive from others. Other than this, you are free to choose your preferred company by considering your desires.

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