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text animation apps
text animation apps

October 09, 2023

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Marketers realized the need and importance of animated text apps, when they started to comprehend how valuable they are in terms of attention-grabbing and engaging viewers. If you are a passionate digital marketer, you might know that interactive content can significantly help your progress.

Videos with animated texts & visual graphics have influenced and fascinated the way typically old videos used to be. In this era, storytelling, expressing, and grasping the viewers’ attention is at its peak. Interestingly, we are accustomed to watching videos in our lives. Observing the world, many businesses are filling the gap, and many companies have identified text-animation videos.

Thanks to our high-tech professionals, who have paved the way for new text animation video applications and video editing measures. There was a time when animating text and visualization was only available for a set of users and professionals of video editors and designers.

However, today no marketer or animator is an expert in generating captivating animated text or video. Still, it is all of the free animated text generator apps that are required to produce valuable video content and lively texts.

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What is Text Animation?

Creating movable typography and flame text generator effects of letters, numbers, characters, punctuation marks, words, or sentences is referred to as “text animation” in motion graphics. It is a technique to stand out your text in a video while making it more observant, remarkable, and engaging. Text animation in video can be used in any entertainment and informative videos like animation, storytelling, and cinemas to provide exciting transitions between topics or highlight specific elements.

Below are the 15 best text video maker apps to give your videos a new look, each time according to your mood and creativity.

List of 15 Free Animated Text Apps

1. Legend – Animated Text in Video & GIF 

Price: Free

Available on: PC, Android, and iOS

Install Legend

Making flame text generator effects and video introduction is a snap with Legend. Your introduction is the first thing your visitor will see when the video begins. This is where you leave a lasting impression with your video introduction.

With Legend, it only takes four steps to make an animation. 
  1. Prior to choosing a text color.
  2. Choose an animation style.
  3. The layout format.
  4. Introduction size changes are the final steps.

That’s it! It is a comprehensive app showing words on the screen that lets you save your videos in GIF format.

Encourage your audience by creating compelling content. Use of the Legend application may make your life easier in this situation. 


Now let’s talk about its benefits and drawbacks. 

Legend offers 50+ word animation styles with customizable short animation clips. It also helps you to export your content in several video formats.

In addition, it has no watermark and completely works fine with iOS, Android, and PC. On the contrary, the text animation free version of the legend has restrictions, which might not let you get the most out of the platform.

2. Adobe Spark Post

Price: Free without watermark.

Available on: Android & iOS devices

Install Adobe Spark Post

You can apply flame text generator effects to your words using Adobe Sparks, a free design program available for Android, desktop, and iOS.

Additionally, it provides several sizes for your photographs, including Instagram stories. The program instantly converts your photo into a 4-second animated film once you've selected an animation.


The application animate text android as well as iOS. It provides tons of features like

  • Auto-resize and recolor.
  • Multiple layout options.
  • Seamless integration with social media platforms.
  • And options to remove the background.

With that being said, there are some drawbacks as well. Adobe Spark Post gives limited access to the graphics creator tool in Android. Moreover, videos only last 30 seconds.

3. Quik – Free Video Editor

Price: Free without watermark.

Available on: Android & iOS devices.

Install Quik

Quik is a robust video editing tool. In an online search, it comes up as the best text animation app for android & iOS. The text animation video feature is excellent, despite the fact that the video editor is not ideal.

The ease of usage is the primary factor. 
  • Import a movie.
  • Add text overlays.
  • Export the finished product in a nutshell.

Second, the variety of programs it works with guarantees a top-notch creation experience. The program also provides over 23 different themes. It’s a tremendous professional program because it allows you to export your movie in 1080p or 720p FHD.


Quik is Free to use and provides a range of format support, from MOV to WAV. It has numerous customizability choices with flashback capability and a smooth, user-friendly interface.

However, the platform only produces 15, 30, or 60-second videos.

4. Vimeo

Price: In-app purchase, Free with watermark.

Available on: Android & iOS devices.

Install Vimeo

Vimeo has a broad toolbox and a high level of professionalism. It is a text video maker app that offers the most text animation and video editing features.

Despite its extensive array of additional functions, the flashing text app is still simple to use, even for new users.

In addition to some essential edit functions like music and voiceover, the application's cut editing and clip-adjustment capabilities allow for multi-level customization.  
  • Integrated social networking networks for direct publishing.
  • Mirror and rotation effects.
  • Royalty-free music.
  • The ability to change playing speed, motion stickers, splitting and merging.
  • And HD quality are just a few of the app’s noteworthy features.


The platform provides simple templates for seamless creativity, a smooth, user-friendly interface, compatibility with windows and macOS, and complimentary Vimeo pro membership is included with professional and business subscriptions.

However, it has some shortcomings; Vimeo does not support 4K exporting or multi-track editing, and you can only access stock videos with a professional package.

5. Hype Type

Price: Free with watermark.

Available on: Only iOS devices.

Install Hype Type

Hype Type can produce visually impressive animated fire font and cartoon texting. The application has approximately 300 text animation style options making it easy to make your content with flash text animation generator effects.

You can use it to make engaging visual text animated stories. Interestingly, the application gives its users access to motion typography.


Hype Type is simple to use and allows you to pick from a wide range of text layouts suited for novices. The platform is updated frequently.

  • You can even add magical quotes in the video using the magic buttons.
  • And a spell check to leave no errors behind.

In addition, the application can be used for both single-video and multiple-clip presentations.

6. PocketVideo

Price: In-app purchases, Free with Watermark.

Available on: Android and iOS devices.

Install Pocket Video

PocketVideo is one of the best text animation app for android & iOS that allows you to make Facebook videos, Vine videos, YouTube vlogs, Instagram videos, and Snapchat stories.

After installing the app, hit the yellow plus sign to start a new project. Choose a project. To import content, click the pink plus sign at the bottom of the screen. The good news is that you can import videos from your camera roll, YouTube, and Vine. Tap Text in the toolbar to add text.

There are many fantastic themes available. 
  • Just tap Add to choose one, and a theme will appear.
  • After selecting a unique theme, click the text field and enter an individual text.
  • There you go, all-in-one features in a particular application.


PocketVideo is amongst the most capable video editing program created especially for apple motion text animation. This tool helps you to make engaging and expert-looking:

  • YouTube Vlogs.
  • Snapchat Memories.
  • Instagram Stories.
  • Facebook Videos, and much more.

The platform allows you to create, shoot, and edit videos. With that being said, PocketVideo requires registration and works limited to Android devices.

7. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Price: Free.

Available on: Only iOS devices.

Install Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express will assist you if you’re seeking flash text animation effects and a really simple animation program on your phone to make social media video postings.

It helps create a text animation brief videos with animated fire font and images by selecting a template and editing it with one of the few animation styles offered and app to show words on screen. 


The platform provides many features, including templates that can be customized in several forms,

  • Synchronization of designs between several devices.
  • Free icons and images.
  • Online sharing or downloading as an MP4 video.
  • And a free plan.

If we talk about its drawbacks, the advanced animation features are lacking, and the platform only supports iOS, not Android or Web versions.

8. OQ Animated Text Creator – Text Animation

Price: Free.

Available on: Android and iOS devices.

Install Animated Text Creator

Animated Text Creator is unquestionably the best text animation app for android & iOS, you can discover if you’re looking for a simple tool to make intros and flash text animation effects for videos. Animated Text app where you can overlay colorful background with text animation. You can change the background color with color wheel easily, and you can change it with your own images or pictures.

Here, you can adjust layouts:

  • Resize the introduction.
  • Change the text’s color and style, and more.

The procedure will go as well as it should because there are no frills.

Additionally, there won't be any problematic color-correcting tools. Once the job is over, you can hit the share option in the app to post the outcomes to social media or save an animation to your device for later use. You can also export your files as GIFs.


The platform allows you to share your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vine; it features:

  • 500 text animation styles.
  • Smooth integration with social networks.

However, the platform does require registration and has many distracting ads on the application.


9. Text Animation MakerAnimated Text

Price: Free.

Available on: Android and iOS devices.

Install Text Animation Maker

Text Animation Maker is a text video maker app. It may appear unoriginal, but it contains many useful features that take time to appear.

In just a few simple steps, you can create captivating text animation in videos. The platform offers much versatility with around:

  • 30 different pre-made text animation templates.
  • By changing the text’s color, brightness, pace, and size, you may create posts that are 1:1 or 16:9.


Animated text makers empower you to animate letters and geometric shapes. Moreover, you can choose from:

  • 20 text animation styles & 25 different types of animation.
  • Easily create loops and quickly animate video-related text.

At the same time, you might face some restrictions and limitations in the free text animation generator.

10. Text Animation DP Gif

Price: Free.

Available on: Android and iOS devices.

Install Text Animation DP Gif

The Text Animation DP Gif is famous for its five distinctive animation styles, i.e., Glitter, Stripe, Fade, Blink, or Blink Stroke text. This application distinguishes itself as the best text video maker app among alternatives.

It allows you to choose the preferred animation style before beginning your work. After that, you may input:
  • The text you want to be animated .
  • Select the appropriate size, font, texture, and color.
  • Additionally, you have control over the animation’s speed.

At the bottom of the screen are specialized timing devices. Feel free to select a different backdrop color from the selection if you don’t like the default one.


Text Animation Gif offers numerous color combinations, different animated writing and quotes, a vast collection of music libraries, and the use of photos as a background for animation.

However, the platform’s free version might restrict you from getting the best out of the application.

11. TextroAnimated Text Video

Price: Free.

Available on: Android and iOS devices.

Install: Textro

Flash text animation effects are the sole focus of this application. You can use:

  • The multitude of fonts, colors.
  • And practical tools to add elegance.
  • Creativity to your text animation.
  • Your project can also be made more vibrant by including music.
You can quickly generate animated quotations, intros, and other visuals with Textro. It allows you to experiment with various levels of editing. 

The software enables quick sharing across numerous digital media and has excellent, user-friendly features. In addition, the application is appropriate for both advanced and new users.


Textro is free for users and offers.

  • An easy-to-use user interface.
  • It has a library of text animation styles
  • And a vast selection of typefaces.
  • The application also provides import options.

However, some of the tools might be restricted and only available on the paid version.

12. Tomo – Animate Text in Video

Price: Free.

Available on: Android and iOS devices.

Install Tomo

Tomo is a cartoon text app with simplistic application with impressive features, making it an excellent tool for animating video text.

Have you ever considered how easy it may be to create text animation online?

With Tomo, you can just enter: 
  • The text you want to include in the movie. .
  • Choose the animation, and choose a background. .
  • Users of the program have access to a large number of text animation choices..
The numerous background options, along with text animation options, assist in creating excellent content.


Tomo’s features include:

  • Uploading films and images.
  • Adding background music.
  • Saving the made video animation in the photo gallery.
  • And sharing videos on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.
  • The application gives its best in animating text for Android and iOS.

The drawbacks include Tomo requiring a large installation storage capacity, and its free version will restrict you from performing your creativity to the fullest.

13. Steller

Price: In app-purchase.

Available on: Only iOS devices.

Install Steller

Another outstanding tool that enables users to produce wonderful art pieces is Steller, one of the most well-liked and best text animation messaging apps available on the Apple Store in 2019.

With Stellar, you can accentuate your tale with style and individuality. The user-friendly interface of this text animation app allows for multi-level editing, and like many others, Steller also offers several themes to suit your narrative style.


Let’s talk about its benefits and drawbacks. You can create animated stories:

  • By adding text, videos and photographs.
  • It also allows you to choose between making a public or private video.
  • The application also features online sharing of animated text on the social media networks of your choice.
  • Steller saves your creations from the feed, helps you choose from countless layout options, and adds background music or sound effects.

Whereby some functions are disabled in the free version.

14. Flaming Text

Price: Free.

Available on: Android & iOS devices.

Install Flaming Text

A pretty straightforward online logo maker and text animator app is Flaming text. The site offers twelve text animation effects, a respectable amount for a free text animation app. Text flaming is more than simply a modest convenience.

It provides free graphic design tools. You can access it from any browser without downloading anything or installing anything. Now, modifying text or making a logo is merely a matter of time.

With Flaming Text, text animation online is now simple and straightforward. Making banners or invitations, drawing or sticking on logos, or just flaming lettering is a quick fix.


Let’s talk about its benefits and drawbacks. With Flaming Text, text animation online is now simple and straightforward. Making banners or invitations, drawing or sticking on logos, or just flaming lettering is a quick fix.

Flaming text qualities help you to find the most appropriate text or logos for your topic and provides several possible themes and fonts for you to choose from.

However, the application lacks animation effects and has an obsolete design.

15. Textanim

Price: Free.

Available on: Android & iOS devices.

Install: Textanim

Textanim is a free web tool that allows the creation of dynamic text animations and cartoon texting. The application can be beneficial when making banners or text logos.

Even though Textanim can’t complete your next move, it can give the letters a glowing effect, different color patterns, and animated fire font. Through the application, the text animation can be created in a flash.


Textanim offers an easy-to-use interface with control and panel customization of the text effect 3d. In addition, its formation allows dividing the text into words, characters, or lines. 

However, Textanim does not support moving animation effects and has an outdated UI/UX design.

Wrapping Up

You can see why animation has grown to be an essential instrument in the field of video marketing by considering the countless options it offers. 

In addition to helping keep your videos interesting, current, and within your budget, the above-mentioned animated text generator apps might come in handy.

You can use android & iphone text animation apps in your email marketing campaigns in addition to using it for branding. Since the average human attention span is dwindling, providing information that will keep viewers interested and concentrated is essential. 

Statistics show that video is the best medium for delivering messages. This makes it easier for readers to recall what they have read and carry out the actions you want them to. At the same time, it is possible to create text animations on the phone through an animation text apps iphone & android.

Even if you have never used an animated text apps before, it is simple to learn, especially from the text animation applications mentioned above, which are easy to use and convenient. 

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