10 Movies That Used Animation Brilliantly to Portray Their Script

10 Movies That Used Animation Brilliantly to Portray Their Script

April 3, 2023


October 09, 2023

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Every celebrity in the media industry has many fans, but there are people who do not admire such stars, maybe because of their habits, attitude, or anything which the audience does not like. Yet, the characters which nobody hates are the characters from the animated movie world. These actors do not exist in real life; still, we all love them a lot.

Other than this, the era in which we live is an era of fast evolution. Every day, the audience demands something unique and exclusive. This change in demand can be covered in one word; Technology.

Putting a beautiful conception and thought into a movie in a distinctive means is also the technology. This is how animated movies got to begin. Below, I have discussed 10 best movies in which animation is dazzlingly used to convey beautiful lessons and storylines.

1. Batman Under the Red Hood

This 3D animated movie was released in 2010 in which Batman fights to protect Gotham city. On the other hand, the red hood does not follow some ethical rules of batman, due to which killing is the last choice. This movie used 3D animation brilliantly and portrayed every scene very beautifully. 

There is crime, action, sci-fi, and drama in the movie, which keeps the audience engaged. Batman Under the Red Hood has done a decent voiceover, solid whiteboard, and exceptional 3D work to become admired by people.

2. Toy Story 4

A 3D animated story that has been appreciated so much by people has released its four parts, and the latest one is the 4th part, which was released in 2019.

In this movie, you will meet a new toy named Forky, and the other characters, Woody and Buzzy, would be on a road trip where they reunited with their long-lost friend Bo-peep.

The storyline of this story is very engaging, which is produced by the Pixar animation company. The movie also has won Oscars for its mind-blowing animation.

3. Frozen

Frozen is the most hit and renowned 3D animated movie released in 2013 and got knocked out all across the globe. The adorable characters, gorgeous storyline, remarkable visual and sound effects and great animation attracted the audience. 

If you have not watched this movie, you must still be aware of its name and popularity, making a huge announcement when it was about to release.

The whole movie gives us a cool, freezy, and icy appearance in which Anna unites with Kristoff and saves the kingdom. It has also released a second part in 2019, which should also be on the list for its best performance.

4. Ratatouille

Another American 3D animated movie, released in 2007. This movie is quite different from others. I have watched this movie millions of times and never get tired. Ratatouille was produced by the Pixar animation company and released by Walt Disney Pictures. 

This movie is different because the protagonist is not any man or woman, but it’s a rat who is an amazing chef. The instant changing of the scene involves the audience, and you won’t have the time to blink your eyes while watching this movie. Every scene is animated so beautifully that it represents the message in a very interesting and meaningful way.

5. Tangled

Whether you have watched the movie or not, you must have heard calling someone with the name Rapunzel who might have very long hair.

This 3D animated movie was out in 2010 in which the character Rapunzel has quite long magical golden hair who faces many difficulties in her life. The outstanding Voice-over, brilliant animation work, and exceptional storyline hit the box office within a few days and gained much fame all over.

6. Your Name

Your Name is a romantic Anime style 3D animation movie released in 2016. This movie follows the traditional storyline in which a boy and girl fall in love, but there are many hurdles in their way. The twists and turns engage the audience with its storyline that delivers both drama, romance, and humor to change your mood instantly. 

Its amazing animation credit goes to Japanese animation company CoMix Wave Film. You can estimate how popular the movie became to get to know that this movie has won 15 awards.

7. Inside Out

An American 3D animated comedy movie, publicized in 2015. The story is a blend of emotions, fear, joy, sadness, disgust, and anger. You would see the different work which was beautifully portrayed to steer the struggle between these emotions. 

This movie has got 98 awards, which means there must be a fascinating storyline, enthralling sound effects, and most importantly, the animation work is very impressive, which delivers every message perfectly.

8. The Wind Rises

This movie was got into cinemas in 2013, with a storyline based on discovering real-life incidents of Jiro Horikoshi. A Japanese 3D animated movie depicts each scene stunningly with great visual and sound effects. The sharp and vibrant contrast in the movie makes it look incredible with its proficient 3D animation.

9. Zootopia

The movie has the theme of animals, which was released in 2016. Zootopia is the name of the city in which a cop works and uncovers a willy fox. The whole movie is very engaging, and the plots changed promptly with the question of what would happen next. The unique ideas and concepts are bought into animation with the flawless storyline and incredible illustrations.

10.The Lego Movie

This movie was got into cinemas in 2014. This movie is nostalgia made out of Lego characters. This movie is about an epic journey to stop the business of some evil lords. The whole story revolves around this journey. This movie has used marvelous motion graphics and gives the stand out visual effects. The animation is done very decently, which has brought life to the movie.


Here is the complete list of top 10 movies which have used animation brilliantly and successfully convey the script, dialogs, and message through animation. While researching these outstanding movies, I have also found that there are also many other animated movies that are discussable. Anyhow, in my opinion, animated movies are never gonna get old because people adore such movies so much.

Animation…To infinity…and beyond

We hope this list has inspired you to explore the world of animation and appreciate the art form in a new way. For those who are interested in learning more about animation or even creating their own animated content, we’ve also provided a helpful resource on free 3D animation software for beginners. With the right tools and resources, anyone can bring their creative ideas to life through animation.

So whether you’re a professional animator or just a movie buff who appreciates the art form, we hope this list has given you some new ideas and inspiration for your next movie night.

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