7 Explainer Video Production Companies to Check Out in 2022
7 Explainer Video Production Companies to Check Out in 2022

Nowadays, video production has become one of the most creative works on earth. It is also a better way to establish a healthy relationship between clients and retailers. Video production helps you transfer all the complicated ideas and viewpoints from mind to an interesting and appealing form. It involves emotions, feelings, sentiments, sensations, the combination of laugh, tears, anger, and other expressions that make an entire story to present.

However, enterprises and other big or small businesses have now adopted the trend to represent their services through video production; these videos are known as explainer videos. These explainer videos are also known as landing page videos or overview videos in which a company gives an overview of its services or products in the form of short animated film. In general, a company directly communicates to the spectators about its products or services and explains everything in a short video.

If you own a business or a company and want to market it, you would encounter millions of explainer video production companies, and select among them would be a challenge. Nevertheless, I have preselected the top seven companies which would provide you these services reliably and inexpensively.

1. Explainify

Explainify is a US-based animation service provider that was established in 2011. This company has become an advertising expert that captures people’s attention and turns it into motivation. Explainify helps businesses take their complicated and knotty concepts and deliver them simple and basic through short animated videos. Explainify conveys the message in a crystal clear and obvious means so that a mediocre person could understand about the brand. This service provider answers your every question, supporting you in creating a plan, and achieving success. Explainify has worked with numerous renowned companies like Entrepreneur Magazine, Mixergy, Venture Beat, and many other brands. It simplifies intricate ideas and communicates them to people with care and affection.

2. Studio Pigeon

Studio Pigeon is another video production company that was founded in 2012. This firm is located in Poland that produces engaging storylines and broadcasts them with well-designed characters. This company comprises a team of almost 250 members, which include copywriters, animators, directors, and illustrators, which works with the whole devotion and makes the exclusive animation video. Studio Pigeon is famous for making marketing animation, animation commercials, educational videos, and explainer videos for various companies. This firm has worked with notorious brands such as Nestle, T-Mobile, Fox Networks, Microsoft and further companies like them. The distinguishing feature of this company is that it gathers all the talents from numerous minds and places it under one roof, making the best video in the world.

3. Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum Videos is another US-based animation company situated in Argentina, considered one of the best production companies in the market. This production group started in 2010 and has gained distinction in its work, which made it fall in the category of senior animation companies in quite a few years. This production company is unique in its work and provides a premium quality product with the best price relatively. Yum Yum Videos firm has been working in more than 20 countries and provides its customers with an incorporated video marketing tactic. A dazzling company which provides numerous services including explainer videos, animated commercial, educational videos, and several tutorials. This outstanding video production company has also been effectively working with Red Bull, Fox, WalMart, McKesson, and other popular brands. It shares all the ideas by going out of the box and work with its customers as a family. It simply puts its passion straight into making animated videos and ultimately provides you with the paramount.

4. Thinkmojo

ThinkMojo company has been spread in every corner of the world and has been settled in its offices in the US and Canada. It is an animation video production company that believes that video is the body language of the brands. It considers that a modern-day video is not just representing your brand; hence it is your brand, so it is ideal to set yourself aside and show up to the world. Thinkmojo introduces delightful ideas with delicacy by keeping them simple and representing them with people’s intention to make them more curious. However, this company generates an extensive assortment of explainer videos, editorials, commercials, personalized videos, and much more. It does not concern the length or type of the video; whatever the type is, it would deliver you with entire loyalty and affection.

5. BluBlu Studio

BluBlu Studio is an award-winning Production Company that is stimulated by inspiration, motorized by expertise, and constrained by designs. This video company is sited in Poland and started its journey in 2014. This corporation has been ranked in the top production companies on the globe. With its plenty of uphill struggles, it has won numerous awards in 2019 and became the leading company for creativity and exclusive designs in the US. Although this firm has been associated with IKEA, Euro Net, Bislett Games, and Macmillan Publishers. This company satisfies its clients and grants them with superlative outcomes.

6. Idearocket

IdeasRocket is a New York-based animation studio which could be the solid choice for you to select this company. This company helps you understanding large and complex concepts more thoroughly by using metaphors and similes. Conversely, Idearocket has achieved many awards for its honor and best recognition all across the world. It provides you with a range of services like scriptwriting, storyboard, animation, sound design, explainer videos, and many more. Several brands are satisfied with their services and always pick as a prior option; New York Life, Lilly, Ralph and Loren, Novartis, and other popular brands take their services contentedly.

7. Ideas Animation

Last but not least, Ideas Animation is also a US-based animation service provider that is reputed in offering you a broad range of services like explainer videos, 2D/3D animation, commercials, and voiceovers. This studio introduces exceptional concepts and shares them with its clients for customization. It gives you a free hand in giving your opinion and transfers them into the ultimate product. There is a long line of professional filmmakers, graphic designers, copywriters, and animators who collect the entire struggle into one box and provide you with the most excellent video. It keeps in mind the target audience and precisely matches the design and style with them.


Now, I expect that this list of the top seven best production studios has made it easier for you to select any of them. These production companies have some unique idiosyncrasies which always look after your needs and requirements. The video production company which I have been related to is Ideas Animation. I acquired its excellent service with decent customer care and polite behavior. The best thing about this studio is that it offers premium quality work with competitive prices and a targeted period. Anyhow, I am completely satisfied with this corporation, if you have any idea in your mind. Hurry up and transfer these conceptions into animated videography.

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